19 september, 2016

About Senzafine and Katarina Stenfelt

Träd och solsken


In my work as a medium I meet people who are looking for guidance and answers. I strongly believe in everyone’s inner power and together we look for opportunities, discover strength and find a way forward.

If you are open minded and looking for guidance – a warm welcome to you!

Senzafine has been in existence for 16 years, about as long as I have been working as a medium. My vision is to be best alternative in this area for those seeking a straight-forward and down to earth approach. This has clearly been appreciated by many people and at this point in time, there are several thousand people who have received advice, guidance and comfort.

Those of you who have never been to a medium, or are a beginner in this area, should feel especially welcome. The only thing needed is an open mind. The rest usually falls into place by itself.

The easiest way of booking an appointment is to e-mail me at katarina.stenfelt@senzafine.se or use the contact form.

Who am I?

Katarina StenfeltMy own spiritual journey began in 2002. Various life-changing decisions turned everything upside down for me.
Strange things happened in my life and I had experiences which would be hard to explain by today’s standards. I was unable to understand anything.

With the help of good teachers, in particular Terry Evans, I learned to develop the talents we all carry within us. After two years I completed my training as medium and started my own business.

Over a period of ten years I have met thousands of people who all have the same thing in common; they have sought answers to their questions. They may have been people who had come to a crossroads in life, who needed strength, or who could just not manage the pain of losing a loved one. Most have come on the recommendation of others who have been to me before.

We all have certain issues and questions we carry with us. I certainly don’t have the answers to everything but I can, as a medium, convey what is said from the other side. What the ”other side” actually is, I do not know. I just receive the information as a thought in my head. Help from the other side is often very concrete and ”the spirit” I have contact with often leaves a few small clues which make my recipients understand who it is.

I really don’t know how it works but I have learnt to listen and communicate. I also don’t have any explanations but I do know that the majority of people are very happy and excited about the advice they are given.

Working with problems and questions, analysis and action is an approach I have brought with me from my earlier professional background. This has helped me in my business as medium and seems to be appreciated by those who visit me. I am direct, down to earth and respectful of the messages I receive.

This approach also means that I am happy to welcome those who are new and have perhaps never visited a medium before. If you have doubts you are especially welcome; it is always good to question. I believe that you should have a healthy, sceptical attitude.

Sometimes I say things which are difficult to hear. I don’t hide anything, I only convey the information I receive. Those who fear some awful information about loved ones approaching death need not be afraid, I don’t have access to such things. Many who visit me have to learn to say no, or maybe learn to say yes more often. Setting boundaries and creating opportunities can be very important steps for moving forward in life.
My work as a medium is essentially about creating trust in one’s own abilities. With the information from the other side my clients find the power to make their own informed decisions.

Although life sometimes feels lonely there are souls which surround us and can give us guidance. There are always opportunities. We are surrounded by a great deal of love and care. Although it can’t be seen, care and concern are there, something I can often convey in my sittings.

This site has been here since 2010 and I have made several updates over the years. Those of you who read different parts of the content can find old stories, as well as some new ones. Those of you who want to tell us what you have experienced, are of course welcome to do so.